Market for CBD

In the clinical trials of GW Pharmaceuticals with epidiolex, a practically pure Sera Labs CBD Oil compound, potentially dangerous interactions occurred with clobazam, an antiepileptic drug, which necessitated a dose adjustment of clobazam. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved epidiolex as a medication for children suffering from refractory seizures. And the DEA classified epidiolex as a planning substance IV.

Undoubtedly, epidiolex will attract a lot of attention beyond what is indicated. In addition, a huge unregulated market for CBD strains derived from hemp will continue to flourish in a weak legal environment. A massive demand by consumers of products with Sera Labs CBD Oil greatly exceeded the collection of clinical information on the interactions of cannabinoids with pharmaceutical products for pain, cancer, autism, cardiovascular diseases and many other chronic diseases.

The long-standing barrier to the required research is the state of cannabis planning I, a category reserved for hazardous substances without medicinal value, in accordance with federal law. However, the paucity of clinical research sanctioned by the federal government, a consequence of cannabis prohibition, should not be an excuse for doctors or patients to reject non-lethal therapies with cannabinoids, which are promising for a wide variety of conditions.

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